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with all MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) & Specifications. From the
nations largest home improvement company & largest home
improvement product manufacturer.

Basement Living Systems installs and services the most state-of-the-art
basement wall system available, today!

Worry-free moisture, mold & mildew resistant materials
Basements are susceptible to mold and mildew growth because foundation walls are porous and inherently contain moisture. Our modern wall system lets you relax and take comfort in knowing that mold and mildew are not growing behind your walls.* Because they are engineered for breathability, moisture is not trapped within and behind the walls. This means mold can not grow, because they have no food and water. This is truly a revolutionary system design with the basement in mind.

Unmatched Thermal Insulation

During colder months a significant portion of your home's heat is lost through bare foundation walls. This normally means higher energy bills. Basement Living Systems' wall panels have the highest insulated value ( R-Value) in the industry - R-13. This assures a more comfortable room, saves money ... and conserves our natural resources through less energy consumption.

Easy Access is a Snap!
Basement Living Systems' wall panels snap into our specially designed vinyl wall attachments. This allows you easy access to your interior foundation wall should you ever need it. The panels can be removed so repairs can be made and the wall can be snapped back into place. No more time-consuming demolition, mudding, sanding and mess as required with drywall re-construction.

Excellent Acoustics
The acoustic qualities of our wall panels are ideal for a home entertainment room, quiet office or family living area. They eliminate the harsh echoing effects of conventional drywall construction. Music and movies sound better, and less noise will bounce up to the first floor. Created for that true home theater sound quality. Provides 95% NCR (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating. Absorbing 95% of all sounds completely into the walls and ceiling, giving you a quiet enjoyable living space. Drywall has a 5% NCR rating only absorbing 5% of sound giving you that loud echoing effect which makes all sound heard in the upstairs levels.
For more information view our Media and video page.Highest Quality Wall Fabric
Our rich polyolefin linen like bi-weave is aesthetically beautiful and amazingly durable. It has a incredibly high resistance to abrasion, scratches and can withstand the abuse that would damage a painted wall or scrape the surface of vinyl wall coverings. This product is completely flame resistant and carries a Class A fire rating.